1. How do you store irish sea moss?

a. Irish Sea Moss is best stored in air tight plastic bag, away from light. Do not placed your unused irish sea moss in the refrigerator this will be exposing the irish sea moss salt crystals to too much moisture.

2. What is the best process to prepare my irish sea moss?

a. Irish Sea Moss should be washed off toughly with water to remove all non irish sea moss residues.

b. Then it should be soaked overnight or for at least three hours to open up the irish sea moss and to remove any remaining salt.

c. The Irish Sea Moss should be rinsed off for the last time before placing in your recipe.

3. What is the best way to dissolve my irish sea moss?

a. There is no right or wrong way in which to dissolve your Irish Sea Moss. Some prefer to place the rinse Irish Sea Moss in a blender and liquefy before boiling; others suggested we boiled in water and stir constantly until dissolved.

4. How much irish sea moss should I use at a serving?

a. Those familiar with consistency of commercially prepared Irish Sea Moss drinks we suggest to reach that consistency you should use about an once of Irish Sea Moss per 3 pint of water and boiled down mixture while stirring for about ½ hr; strain off and sugar while hot, also add your flavorings.