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Welcome to the Delicious and Healthy World of Irish Sea Moss. Have you ever tried Irish Sea Moss drinks or deserts? Were you aware of the many uses and benefits of Irish Sea Moss. You will be so surprised keep reading I’ll even give you a great recipe to add alter and change with your favorite fruits or flavors.

Did you know that Irish Sea Moss has many health benefits that you may not realize. Check what Cleveland Clinic said.

It’s heart-healthy

Seaweed is a bit of an awesome food. It has a high fiber content than most vegetables this a good thing. Remember fiber has all kinds of great effects on the body. It helps improve blood sugar control, helps lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

“Studies show that sea moss may help lower bad cholesterol, which is one of the factors for heart disease,” Czerwony says. It has also been shown to help lower blood pressure, another key factor in heart health.

It may promote weight loss

Remember how much fiber seaweed has? High-fiber foods are filling foods, which means they may keep you from overeating. “Fiber keeps us fuller longer, which may help with weight control,” Czerwony says.

It’s a good source of iodine

Iodine is one of the keys to a healthy thyroid, but because your body doesn’t make iodine on its own, you can only get it through diet. (Most people, however, get enough iodine from dairy products, seafood and iodized salt.)

It supports gut health

Your digestive system is full of bacteria, some good and some bad. And because gut health is associated with overall health, balancing out those bacteria is an important element of your wellness. Algae, including sea moss, is a good source of fiber and live bacteria. “It can help replenish the good bacteria in our gut,” Czerwony says.

It may boost your immunity

One study showed Atlantic salmon that ate sea moss to have a more efficient immune response than salmon that didn’t. Of course, fish and people have very different bodies, and no similar studies have yet proven the same effect on humans.

Still, a healthy gut is associated with a healthy immune system. And sea moss is also high in iron and antioxidants, which both contribute to immune health.

It can build muscle and aid in workout recovery

Sea moss is rich in an amino acid called taurine, which helps with muscle-building. “When we exercise, we get little micro-tears in our muscles,” Czerwony explains, “but amino acids can help with that recovery.”

Sea moss also has about 6 grams of protein per 100 grams, an exercise staple. Just don’t rely solely on sea moss for exercise recovery! You’ve still got to make sure you’re getting enough healthy food, hydration, rest, etc.

more from Cleveland Clinic

There is a large number of deserts and beverages that include Irish Sea Moss in there ingredients. Did you know jello and some puddings even pies are made with Irish Sea Moss. Check the recipes Page for recipes we think you will love. Share your recipes that include Irish Sea Moss.

Thought I forgot check the Recipe Page for recipes.

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